Meet Blithe

Here at Blithe, we’re passionate about color, pattern, and tradition with a twist.  We’re also passionate about, well, pursuing your passion.  Founder Katherine Todd is a third-generation Nashvillian who moved to New York City after graduating from Vanderbilt Law School to work for a law firm.  After wearing soul-sucking black suits for far too many consecutive days, she enrolled in weekend classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (that’s FIT for all you Project Runway fans) to try her hand at designing the clothes she wanted but couldn’t find: not-too-serious, not-too-edgy, not-too-blah dresses.  (Seriously, where’s the seersucker? The flattering fit-and-flare?!)

Blithe Dresses

She launched Blithe in 2014 out of the Upper East Side apartment she shares with her husband (John), two children (Ethan and Stella Mae), and spirited mini-goldendoodle (Hobbes) with just a dress form, pair of scissors, and some fabric.  A few months later, retail giant Belk took notice, naming her a winner of its celebrated Southern Designer Showcase.  Shortly after her collection debuted with much success in 2016, Southern Living® came a-calling, and kindly asked Katherine to create an exclusive collection of pieces with uniquely Southern flair for its three-plus million readers—in short, to create dresses with a Southern drawl.  She will soon also begin a boardwalk-ready collaboration with Coastal Living®.


Blithe gets its name from a passage in Much Ado About Nothing (see below) that champions a sunny disposition in the face of all odds.  Gloomy days, be gone!


Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more. 

    men were deceivers ever, 

One foot in sea, and one on shore, 

    to one thing constant never. 

Then sigh not so, but let them go, 

    and be you blithe and bonny, 

Converting all your sounds of woe 

    into hey nonny, nonny. 



Behind the scenes